September 21, 2021

Base of a Plant-Roots

What is a root?

Root is a part of a plant which is below the ground, attached in the soil, which takes water and nutrients from the soil to transfer it to the plant.

What are the types of roots?

1. Tap root

2. Fibrous roots

3. Prop or hanging roots

4. Breathing roots

The lecture has targeted the types of roots. Take an example of a building: the whole structure of the building depends on the strength of its base. If the base is strong then the structure will also be strong. The same phenomenon explains the structure of a plant. If the root of a plant is strong, then the plant will also be strong and it also helps the plant to stand upright. For example if we take a sunflower it has five parts of a plant namely flower, branches, leaves, stem and roots. The part above the soil is known as the shoot system and the part below the soil is known as the root system.

Function of the roots

The main function of the root is to absorb water and minerals from the soil and to transfer it to the plant for nourishment and growth. 

Tap root 

The first type is the tap root system. It has a primary root which is the main root and there are lateral roots that are attached to the main root. It dug deep into the soil. For example: Carrot, Turnip, Beetroot and Rose plant.

Fibrous root

The second type of root is the fibrous root system. It has a group of small roots and these roots don't go deep into the soil like the tap roots. Examples for fibrous roots are Onion plant and Grass.

Prop root

The third type of root system is the prop roots. These are hanging roots developed from the main stem. For example: the banyan tree.

Breathing root

The fourth type of root system is the breathing roots. They are found in mangroves in the Sundarban region. They are out of the land for breathing, as down the soil, the presence of salt makes them unadaptable to grow. So they grow above the ground.

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