September 3, 2021

Different Kinds of Animals

Animals are any living organism with a nervous system and that feeds on other organisms. Animals can be further categorised as domestic and wild animals. The animals which we tame and grow in our homes are called domestic animals. The animals or birds which we grow for meat and other products are called farm animals. The animals which cannot be tamed and left freely in the forest are called wild animals.

Cat: Cats are of different colors and they make a “meow” sound. They love milk and fish.

Dog: Dogs are animals that guard our homes. They “bark” at unfamiliar people. Because of their loyalty, dogs are called man’s best friends.

Cow: The cow is a farm animal that gives us milk. They eat grass and other cattle food.

Goat: The goat is a farm or domestic animal which gives us milk. They eat grass and leaves.

Tiger: The national animal of India is the tiger. Its light golden body is covered with black stripes. It has very sharp teeth and eats the flesh of other animals.

Eagle: Eagles are large birds of prey. They have large, hooked beaks and excellent eyesight. Eagles eat small-sized birds and animals.

Rabbit: Rabbit is a very soft furry animal. It eats green leaves and loves carrots. The eyes of the rabbit are in the side of their head. They are of different colors.

Elephant: Elephant is the largest animal on land with dark grey color. They eat only plants.  Elephants have a big body, 4 legs, 2 big ears, 1 trunk, 2 tusks or teeth, and a tail.

Hen: Hen is a domestic or farm organism grown for meat and eggs.

Giraffe: The tallest animal that lives on the land is the giraffe. They have brown spots over their body & they have hair-covered horns. Giraffes can run fast and they feed on leaves and plants.

Fox: Fox is the most cunning animal in the jungle. It is a brown colored animal with whiskers on its legs and face. Fox can make different sounds. It eats rabbits, squirrels, and other small animals.

Peacock: The national bird of India is the peacock. It is a very beautiful bird with long colorful feathers.

Hippopotamus: Hippopotamus is a huge animal that eats grass. It lives in water and land. Hippos can easily move in water but actually cannot swim. They are aggressive and dangerous animals.

Rhinoceros: Rhinos are plant or grass-eating organisms with a horn on its nose. Rhinoceros can be either black or white in color.

Lion: Lion is the ‘king of the jungle’. The lion has 2 eyes, 2 ears, 4 legs, a tail and it has big brown fur around its face. The lion roars. It survives on the flesh of other animals in the forest.

The video was created by Remya Gireesh ma’am using the TutAR app in which she wonderfully demonstrates the figurines of different animals and it is very helpful for the students to understand more effectively. TutAR provides an excellent platform to take enhanced learning sessions with the students using awesome visuals

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