September 21, 2021

Different Types of Roots

The root is a plant part, usually found under the soil, which absorbs water & minerals from the soil. It keeps the plants firm to the soil & stores the reserve food. There are mainly two types of roots, the taproot & the fibrous root.


The taproot grows deep down into the soil. The main part of the taproot that penetrates the soil is called the primary root and the several small roots over it are called the lateral root. The taproot, in some cases, can act as the storage organ for food. Examples of taproot which we consume as food are carrot, turnip, beetroot etc. The rose plant is also an example of the taproot system.

Fibrous Root

Unlike taproot, fibrous roots do not penetrate deep into the soil. It has a group of roots, of similar size & length, which holds the soil tightly. Since they hold the soil particles so tightly together, fibrous roots can prevent soil erosion. Examples of fibrous roots are wheat, rice, corn, grasses.

Prop Roots

Prop roots are roots that grow from and support the stem above the ground. These provide additional anchorage and support to the plant. It can be seen in banyan trees, mangroves etc.

Breathing Roots

The specialized aerial roots which help plants to utilize the air in waterlogged soil habitats are called breathing roots. They have another name, pneumatophores. Pneumatophores have open pores in the air which help in absorbing oxygen and other important gases. Breathing roots are found in mangrove species, bald cypresses etc.

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