August 30, 2021

Five Senses in a Human Body

How do you define sense?

A sense can be defined as a feeling detected by the body, perceiving an external factor. For example, the smelling, hearing, seeing, tasting, and feeling of being touched.

What are the different sense organs?

Any organ which responds to an external factor, in which the response is carried by the nervous

system. For example, eyes are used to see, ears are used to hear, the nose is used for smell, the tongue is used for tasting, and touch is to be felt by the skin.

A human body is a complex structure of cells and tissues. We have different organs to perform

different functions. There are five senses in our body, the senses of seeing, smelling,

hearing, tasting and touch.

The sense of seeing

We can see anything with our eyes, we can watch TV, we can see our friends and family around, we can see the surrounding environment, the green trees, the lakes, the blue sky. If something is lost we can find it with the help of our sight. As we have the sense of seeing, we can read and write and do other chores. Eyes are God's blessing.

The sense of smelling 

The importance of a sense of smell can be realised when we get a blocked nose

during the flu. We can identify bad smells, a fume or even a sweet fragrance, with the help of our nose. We can easily find out whether our food is stale with a sense of smell. 

The sense of hearing 

The sense of hearing is an essential feature, like all the other senses. Ears are used to listen to the sounds, and we can identify different kinds of voices and sounds. We can communicate with each other with proper feedback if we hear the other person correctly. 

The sense of tasting

The sense of taste plays a very important role in our life. We enjoy our food because of how it tastes. We can identify different tastes with the use of our taste buds present

and our tongue. If something is sweet, sour, or bitter, it could be easily understood by a simple touch on our tongue.

The sense of touch

 As with any other sense, the sense of touch is of great importance. Because even without seeing or hearing, we can touch and feel things, through our skin. Our skin can feel the temperature difference, like whether it is cold, hot, or humid. The skin is wrapped around our whole body and thus the different parts of our body can easily feel the sense of touch. When we touch something hot we get burned and we usually hold our hand back. The same goes with the coldness of ice. We can touch, feel and act the same way.

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