September 21, 2021


A season is a duration or span of time that changes with the changes in the climatic conditions and the position of the sun with respect to the earth. The major seasons are winter, spring, summer, monsoon and autumn or fall.


Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons. The spring season in India starts from mid-February and lasts till April. This is the season when the leaves of trees fall and new leaves emerge. During spring, the day becomes longer and nights become shorter.


Summer in our country starts from April and lasts till June. During summer, the days are the longest while the nights are the shortest. The weather gets gradually hot during summer  and we wear cotton clothes to keep ourselves cool and comfortable. We should also increase the intake of water to keep us hydrated so that we don’t lose our energy while sweating. Many crops ripen only in the summer season


From the month of June, it starts raining across India which indicates the start of the monsoon season and lasts until August. It is sometimes called 'green season' as the earth gets carpeted with greenery and the level of water rises in the rivers, ponds and canals. The sky is filled with black clouds before it rains and a rainbow can be seen in the sky after the rain stops.


This season starts from mid- August and lasts till October. The leaves start falling off the trees in this season, so it is also known as the fall season. The duration of the day and night is almost equal in this season. Equinoxes also occur in this season.The sky is clear as compared to the monsoon season. Water in the rivers and ponds settle down and become clean. 


The winter season in India is the coldest season of the year, usually seen between the months of November and February. This season has cold winds, occasional rainfall and snowfall. This season produces a large variety of fruits, flowers and green vegetables. Winter season in India starts with the winter solstice, the geographical event in which the sun is at the highest summit in the sky.

This video on the seasons was created by Deeparani ma’am using the TutAR app. Using the AR technology provided by the TutAR app, we can have enhanced learning sessions through awesome visuals.

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