September 21, 2021

The Sound of Letter 'C'

There are 26 alphabets or letters in the English language. Each and every letter has a unique way of pronunciation. It is also possible to have a different pronunciation for a single letter, in different situations. It is when the significance of hard and soft sounds comes to the pronunciation. Some of the letters have the same sound, that's why they sound similar. For example, if we take the letter C it has its own sound but the phonic sound of C and K is the same. The letter C has two types of sounds: hard and soft.

Hard and soft sounds:

The letter C is pronounced differently in different situations. When the letter C is used along with the following letters: A, O, U or the consonants in English language, a K sound is produced. For example: Consider the words like Cat, Cup, Cot, and Clown, all these words start with the letter C, but it is pronounced with a K sound. This way of pronouncing a K sound for the letter C, is called the hard sounds. Now there is another way of pronunciation in the English language using soft sounds. In the following words like City, Bicycle, and Cent, the letter C is followed by letters like i, e, and y. Since these words are followed by the letters, i, e, and the half vowel, y, these produce a soft sound.

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