September 21, 2021

The Sound of Letter 'S'

There are 26 alphabets or letters in the English language. Each and every letter has a unique way of pronunciation. It is also possible to have a different pronunciation for a single letter,in different situations. 

Introduction of letter sound S:

Consider the letter S. It is the nineteenth alphabet in the English language. It sounds like the hiss sound of the snake. 

Letter formation:

The letter formation of the letter S, is shown in an interesting manner. The use of the car and dotted lines for the road is an effective way to reach the children's mind.

Identifying sound in words:

Consider certain words like See-saw, Spoon, and Sun. All these words have the letter S as well as the sound S. But there are some words in the English language, which start with the alphabet S, but do not have the pronunciation of a hiss sound. The following words like She, Shut, and Shoe have the letter S within the spelling. But it doesn't have the pronunciation of the letter S. These are examples of words that are pronounced differently. Also it is clear that the S sound is absent in following words like Cup and Cap.

The use of muppets as well as certain sounds like hiss, encourage the interest in the audience and grab them to the seat. The letter S, its sound, formation and identification is presented by Arathy mam using the technology of augmented reality through the tremendous app called TuTAR, which is designed to educate the children in a captivating way. TutAR provides you with teaching aids like an AR platform that helps to connect between the teacher and the students with awesome visuals.

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