September 21, 2021

Wild Animals

Wild animals are those animals which live in the forests. These animals aren’t tame and live on their own without any help from people. A wild animal finds its own food, shelter, water and all its other needs from the forest. As we cannot go to the forest to see the wild animals, zoos were created. A zoo is a place where the wild animals are kept protected so that we could see them without fear of being harmed.

Lion : Lion is the ‘king of the jungle’. The lion has 2 eyes, 2 ears, 4 legs, a tail and it has big brown fur around its face. The lion roars. It survives on the flesh of other animals in the forest.

Bear : The bear is a big brown animal which eats plants, fish and honey. The bear knows how to swim, climb and run.

Tiger : Tiger is the national animal of India. Its light golden color body is covered with black stripes. It has very sharp teeth and eats the flesh of other animals.

Hippopotamus : Hippopotamus is a huge animal which eats grass. It lives in water and land. Hippos can easily move in water but actually cannot swim. They are aggressive and dangerous animals.

Giraffe : The tallest animal that lives on the land is the giraffe. They have brown spots over their body & they have hair-covered horns. Giraffes can run fast and they feed on leaves and plants.

Zebra : Zebras are horse-like animals with white stripes over their black colored body. Zebras eat grass and they drink a lot of water.

Crocodile : Crocodile is another dangerous animal with very sharp teeth. They have tough skin. The eyes, ear, and nostrils are on top of the head and it has a long tail. Crocodiles swim in the water with the help of their webbed feet. Crocodiles eat a variety of fish, turtles, birds and other animals. They are animals that live on land as well as in water.

Fox : Fox is the most cunning animal in the jungle. It is a brown colored animal with whiskers on the legs and face. Fox can make different sounds. It eats rabbits, squirrels and other small animals.

Elephant : Elephant is the largest animal on land with dark grey color. They eat only plants.  Elephants have a big body, 4 legs, 2 big ears, 1 trunk, 2 tusks or teeth and a tail.

This very interesting and informative video on wild animals was narrated by Narinder Kaur ma’am using the TutAR app. With AR based TutAR app, an interesting, engaging and creative environment to study can be created.

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